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Crawling time..again!
Thursday, 21 November 2013 | 09:20 | 0 beautiful(s)


First of all, i would like to apologize to everyone for all my mistakes and wrongdoings up till today. I am trully sorry. I had a long journey before took out my baby step and turned into this new me. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. Oh hey, i'm still the same old me as in attitude, the annoying lil girl :) * not so little in the real life :p

Oh, i've been texting with one of my fav sister. She's currently studying abroad taking her masters in acca kut, something that has to do with account i suppose.

From BPP Uni, Shepard's Bush :

'kakak cakap, kalau rindu pada dia, mengadulah pada Dia. Sesungguhnya dia maha Mengetahui, maha Berkuasa dan Maha penyayang. Kakak pesan lagi, kalau rindu lagi, doa yang baik baik untuk kakak'
- Terima kasih kakak untuk segala nasihat. Sungguh, terima kasih.

Malaysia, Nov 22nd @ 0109h.

I never had a sister and will never have one. I always lean on to my brother's friend. I leaned onto them, the whole time :) I've gone through a hard time in finding a true kakak for myself. 
I've once made up my mind to stick to one of thr sissy but she turned out to make me reallyreally upset. I end up crying the whole night. But alhamdulillah, i've faced it and hoping that i will never end up that way ever again. That's absolutely one of the hardest part for my family to forget.

Kakak, if you read this...pls listen to me fr this one last time:
- You ignored me, you ignored us. You leave us. You walked away from our life. It's hard. Takpe la... jaga diri, jaga iman dan moga kakak igt segala memori masa kakak bersama keluarga kami selama ni. Faa minta maaf atas salah silap faa dan faa dah pun maafkan akak. Semoga akak lebih bahagia.

Perit, bila fikir perpisahan.
Kelam, tersedu sedan tangisan.
Pahit, ku ukir senyuman.
Palsu, segala memori terbentang.
Memori,  moga kau tak berulang.

May peace be upon you.